North Bay offers a year-round supply of its principal, fresh produce items. These include apples, asparagus, blueberries, papayas and sweet potatoes. Mangoes will soon be available on a year-round basis as well. To ensure supply continuity, and offer a wider variety of products, North Bay markets fresh produce from both U.S. and Latin American member and non-member suppliers. Most of North Bay's domestically grown produce is available during the spring, summer and early fall. Latin American products are imported counter-seasonal to those domestically grown to meet consumer demand. Imports supplement North Bay's domestic supply base and provide consumers with a continuous flow of product.

Product Availability


Product Availability
Apple Cider September - May
Apples Year Round
Blackberries May – July
Blueberries Year-Round
Citrus April - October
Figs October - January
Mangoes August - March
Papayas Year Round
Peaches July - September
Pomegranate February - April
Prune Plums August - September
Raspberries December - April


Product Availability
Asparagus Year Round
Snow Peas September - July
Sugar Snaps September – April
June - July
Sweet Potatoes Year Round

Product Descriptions (PDF File)