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North Bay Produce, Inc. Commits to Staff with Health-Forward Strategy


TRAVERSE CITY, MI - North Bay Produce, Inc. is encouraging its team members to put the pedal to the metalof an elliptical. The produce provider is ready to face the New Year with new, healthy habits, and it’s encouraging its employees to do the same.

North Bay Produce has begun promoting its on-site gym, and has developed a wellness program that features healthy recipes using the company’s fresh produce.

Sharon Robb, Regional Marketing Manager, North Bay Produce“We are blessed to bring to market amazing fruits and vegetables every day,” Regional Marketing Manager, Sharon Robb, said. “When developing recipes, I love that I can focus on our fresh ingredients, making them the star of each dish. This sets the tone for a healthier finished recipe along with offering a serving (or two) of fresh fruits and vegetables!”

North Bay Produce has created a series of healthy recipes that feature fresh produce and dried fruit from the company, a press release states. The recipes inspire employees and consumers to come up with new ideas on how to use fresh produce, which is also an excellent way to showcase North Bay Produce products.

The provider’s new headquarters, built in 2017, also includes a full on-site gym and locker room, complete with individual showers. Having access to an on-site gym encourages employees to use the equipment, because it is so convenient.

“I love having access to a gym and locker room facilities at our office. It makes it so convenient to work out, and I can even squeeze in a workout on my lunch break,” Sarah Quackenbush, Sales & Export, commented.

In addition to the exercise equipment, North Bay Produce is encouraging its employees to get active and join its fitness challenge. The initiative challenges team members to be active at least twice a week for 30 minutes each session. The challenge runs from February 1 through April 30, and it will be promoted across the company’s social media platforms. To keep everyone motivated, employees are encouraged to send photos of their workout—pictures scenery, the gym, and fitness classes have all been shared.

The challenge is intended to provide a good starting point for keeping the company’s employees healthy and happy—North Bay Produce values its team members’ health and wellness above all else.




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