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North Bay Produce, Inc. Focuses on Sustainability

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Traverse City, Michigan – North Bay Produce, Inc. is a grower-owned, globally operated cooperative based out of Traverse City, Michigan. North Bay is making efforts to reduce plastic waste while bringing consumers the freshest products available. Purchasing compostable packaging equipment will help reduce the amount of plastic used for traditional clam shells by up to 34 percent. The equipment will package blueberries in biodegradable trays and seal the top with a single translucent cover. The cover will also re-seal after opening for storage.

Jon Wall, Vice President of Operations stated, “Top seal packaging will set the new standard for how blueberries are sold in the U.S.” The compostable packaging will resonate with young buyers who are demanding companies create less waste. This new way of packaging allows a secure barrier enhancing food safety efforts as well as better storage and freshness.

Compostable packaging is something more and more retailers are asking for as there becomes more focus on sustainability. This grant will allow North Bay Produce to get ahead of the curve and begin using more compostable packaging, while at the same time adding more jobs throughout the supply chain.  




Faith Welsh 1 year, 5 months ago

I live in Maryland. I found North Bay Blueberries in my local grocery story. When I read Traverse City , I was delighted. Several years ago we spent a week in that area visiting our grandchildren at the near-by music camp. We had a lot of time and fun exploring the area. We remember those delicious cherries. Your blueberries did not disappoint us. So full of juice and taste. We ate the first pkg. After a week or more I made an 8-inch pie which we are enjoying. We think your blueberries are the best. I wanted to tell you that.
P. S. Today the blueberries are from CA. - Ocean Spray.

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