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North Bay Produce, Inc. Introduces New Packaging


North Bay Produce proudly introduces new packaging for their fresh produce lines.  With a history of great, fresh fruits and vegetables for over 35 years, and as the company has grown and is a recognized leading provider of high quality products with outstanding levels of service and dynamic people making it happen, North Bay wanted new packaging to reflect these qualities of their company.


“The first thing you will notice is the larger North Bay Produce logo”, commented Brian Klumpp Director of Marketing and Strategic Development at North Bay.  Klumpp continued by saying “This symbol, or our stamp as we often call it, remains the same as it has been for years and we think it represents well that we have farms all across the Americas and that we serve customers globally.  By making the logo larger, however, we are simply trying to help people to know us better.  NBP has an honorable history of being a quiet and humble company.  We want to remain modest yet let the world know why they should know us well.”


Another noteworthy feature in the new packaging designs is the inclusion of the seal of the American Heart Association.  For nearly 100 years, the American Heart Association has been known as the world’s leading organization dedicated to improving heart health and reducing deaths from cardiovascular diseases and stroke.  North Bay believes it is important to let consumers know that their produce, combined with a healthy lifestyle, can contribute to improving their well-being.  For these reasons, North Bay sought and has been certified by the American Heart Association’s Heart Check Food Certification program for their fresh produce.  North Bay’s president Nick Osmulski explained “We conducted a national survey and asked hundreds of consumers whether the American Heart Association seal on our produce packaging was important to them; the vast majority said it most certainly was.  We believe that listing the seal on our packaging will be helpful to consumers interested in making healthy choices”.


The next prominent feature people will notice in the designs are the fresh, vibrant and clean colors.  The aqua color used in the conventionally grown produce, and like the brilliant colors in the clear waters of Grand Traverse Bay where the company is headquartered, represents the pure and fresh fruits and vegetables that North Bay’s growers cultivate.  The bright green as used in the organically grown products, represents the “clean and green” practices that make their organic produce so appealing.  The vibrancy of the colors also indicates to consumers that there is a dynamic company behind the brand.  Retailers will be happy to know that by conducting nationwide surveys with hundreds of consumers, they overwhelmingly chose these designs over others that were considered and said they would be more likely to select North Bay’s products because of the packaging. Klumpp stated “Our objective was that, in a quick glance, consumers would recognize that North Bay’s produce was clean, fresh and great quality.”


Finally, as North Bay Produce is a cooperative, meaning that they are owned by their growers “We think it is important to let people know how our produce is grown and harvested and how directly it is provided to them.” added Klumpp.  “Also, since our farmers feed their own families with their produce the phrase “From our farms to your family.  Naturally.” summarizes best what North Bay Produce offers – the freshest produce right from where it is grown to you, while always using the best practices to assure the healthiest and finest tasting produce, Naturally.”




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