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When it comes to distributing fresh fruits and vegetables, wholesale produce distributors are really at the heart of the business. Far from being one more link in the chain, really good wholesale produce distributors bring stability to the retail system via proper pricing protocols to ensure that quality goods reach from the farm directly to tables year-round. North Bay Produce is one such distributor, a grower-owned cooperative that has fast become a leading distributor worldwide.

Beyond just pricing, NBP has gained fans and customers globally through four essential components of their business operations:


pins in a mapNBP knows the territory. Extensive experience in the areas we cover allows us to maintain smooth, continuous service that is beneficial to all involved. Globally, we know the retailers; their needs, wants, and expectations. We closely monitor industry trends and understand how to stay in front of and manage anticipated products in the cooperative pipeline. Make no mistake, this detailed comprehension of markets is a commodity that can make all the difference between smooth planning and stressful scrambling.

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In wholesale, quality and reputation are tantamount to success. To achieve and maintain these goals North Bay Produce builds close relationships with our retailer customers, encouraging the seeing and tasting the fresh fruits and vegetables before purchase, while simultaneously working within the cooperative family to provide best quality asparagus, apples, blackberries, blueberries, French beans, raspberries, sugar snaps, snow peas, strawberries, and much more. Of equal importance, North Bay Produce has a dedicated Food Safety and Quality Team in place specifically to help our farms meet the extremely high standards of even the most critical customers in the world. By enacting these impactful methodologies we have fostered a reputation and expectation from our customers for providing the finest fresh produce available. Through effort and experience, North Bay Produce has become that rare business that is an asset for all involved in the fresh farmed food supply chain.


Because of the seasonal nature of farming, managing yields can be an intricate dance. NBP knows our markets from both macro and micro vantage points and understands demand so we know when to intervene and prevent damaging surplus. Essential to these efforts is our MidAmerica Airport Warehouse. Uniquely located in Mascoutah, IL, and as one of twelve USDA Certified Cold Treatment Facilities in all of the United States and one of only two that is adjacent to a full-size runway that can accommodate any size aircraft, this fresh produce distribution center gives us a considerable advantage over competitors by providing a locale from which our products can be trucked to 90% of the population of the USA and Canada in 18 hours or less, as well as air-shipped anywhere on the planet. Via a managed balance of farms, warehouses, and coordinated refrigerated transportation we are able to minimize wasted produce, yet agile enough to pivot toward increased quantity in the case of higher demand. This again is beneficial to all parties involved and provides for exceptional long-term stability.


fresh produce farm in PeruNBP is a cooperative that has 32 grower-owners located in North, Central, and South America. There is no higher priority than the establishment and smooth conduction of open communication between the cooperative family and the retailers that sell our products. Quick conveyance of retail-based issues allows for farm-side adjustments so that goods live up to our exceptional reputation, as well as ensuring supply is always adjusted properly. All of which helps to create a healthy, thriving, and sustainable market place beneficial to all. North Bay Produce is a fresh produce distributor, they are the head of the chain system that distributes fresh fruits and vegetables where and when they are needed, and that keeps everyone involved happy and satisfied.

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About Us

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North Bay Produce is a cooperative of more than 32 grower-owners from North, Central, and South America, producing fresh fruits and vegetables year-round – from asparagus to apples, berries, and snow & sugar snap peas. Headquartered in Traverse City, the northwest corner of Michigan’s lower peninsula, the international company markets and distributes the products worldwide.

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"We have put our heart and soul into this farm and it is a work of love."
-  Lisa Hill, Owner H&A Farms, North Bay Produce Member

"North Bay Produce is not a company, it’s a family."
- Jon Wall, V.P. Operations North Bay Produce

"We care about food safety. We care about the best quality. Everything that we do we do to make better products.
- Brent Baumann, Farmer and Owner of Lakeside Pic-N-Pac, North Bay Produce member.

"North Bay Produce is one company that I can always rely on to deliver great products and great service. They really do overachieve and I appreciate it."
Produce Manager of Major Grocery Retailer

"Handling fresh fruits and vegetables well is difficult but North Bay Produce does this far better than most.  They are on call 24 hours a day each day of the week and they take care of our customers and our business."
V.P. Procurement of International Grocery Retailer 
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Phone: 800-678-1941
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